No News is Good News (For Your Mind)

Statement from Trevor Moawad, President, Moawad Consulting Group:
    “I’ve spent the last 17 years working in the field of sport psychology and/or mental conditioning.  It is an industry that is a subset of broader performance training disciplines that include strength and conditioning, athletic training, performance nutrition and sport medicine (among others).  It is a field that recognizes that a direct relationship between what we think about and how we perform.
What I have learned is that, while there is great power in the ability to engage and think positively, there is arguably more power in learning how to limit the NEGATIVE inputs we let into our lives.  Those inputs, many times, are in our own control.  Of late I’ve begun to see how the current nature of news on the television has impacted my own energy, outlook and ability to be at my best on a daily basis.  I fundamentally believe the performers and hosts on both cable and local news do their jobs as they are hired to do.  For me this is less about them, and more about my own choice to repeatedly consume it.  Therefore, I am CHALLENGING myself to not watch, view or listen to any news for the month of April, 2017.  I have deleted the applications from my phone and will not view the relevant stations at home or on the road.  How I ‘define’ news may be different from others, but truly we all understand what has a personal upside for us and what has downside for our own morale.”
If you choose to accept this challenge, then please join us and learn more about the incredible power of ‘non-negativity’ below.
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