Agency Support

Working for and within the sports and entertainment industries for nearly 16 years, we inherently understand the importance of giving someone you are committed to supporting the best chance to succeed.

Most experts break our potential into 3 distinct categories:

  • Ability
  • Knowledge
  • Desire

As a manager or agent, at one point or another, you directly impact all of the above areas and many time are leaned on as a psychologist, parent, coach, friend, and a teammate on along and potentially rewarding journey.


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At the Moawad Consulting Group, we are committed to supporting you a long this road. We have been through some of the biggest rises and most difficult defeats. It is not easy dealing with either. In truth, your mind matters and so does your approach. At the highest levels we are constantly reminded that we are measured and evaluated in the present which makes our habits and daily decisions critical. Experience matters and the right decisions at the critical times make all the difference. We have been trusted by the world’s best agents and managers and understand how to assimilate into a multi-faceted support team.

Our past is storied supporting active NFL, NBA, NCAA, Entertainment, MLS, and MLB players and teams extensively helping to guide and shape elite prospects as they prepare for the draft or off-seasons of these respective sports or industries.

While our space is limited, we look for challenges and people who are exceptional but striving to get better. As Ray Kroc (McDonald’s Legendary Founder) stated, the world is run by those who are green and growing, not ripe and rotting. The reality is that has little to do with age and everything to do with approach. While a manager, an agent, manage a significant amount of intricacies between the talent, families, and organizations; we all understand that impacting the state of mind and steering it is essential and continuous improvement will always be critical.