“You communicate internally with yourself at about 800 to 1,400 words per minute,” Trevor Moawad, Director of Mental Conditioning at IMG Academy and owner of Moawad Consulting Group, once told STACK. “So your subconscious has a lot of stimuli that are consistently affecting it…”


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The Moawad Consulting Group is a dynamic organization committed to delivering advanced mindset solutions to the driven leader(s) in the world’s most competitive environments. We have one focus for our clients, continuous improvement. Our engagements have been long-standing mutual commitments built upon added value and the ability to support and solve problems for Tier 1 organizations. We have a proven an elite capability to motivate the motivated, and serve this country’s elite, professional, collegiate, military and top business organizations with the end goal of both enhancing and improving present performance. Nothing happens by accident. Good or bad.

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