The Challenge for top individuals and organizations is to recognize limits to their knowledge while continuing to find solutions to bridge those gaps. After 15 years with unquestionably some of the best performers in the world, it has become clear that they have learned to both invest and commit themselves to addressing and moving the barriers that stand in the way of that ‘next’ challenge. Thinking, eating, product knowledge, technique, support systems, facilities, or external consultants. They are green and they are growing.

My father, Robert, worked with many of the top organizations in the United States. Organizations like Starbucks, NASA, Coca-Cola, Weyerhauser, or powerful philanthropic organizations like Relay for Life. While I’ve lived more in the sports world, he always would tell me that the top companies have earned the right to be on top. They also won’t stay on top by accident. They will be defined in the present like we all are.

Once the idea to seek support is recognized, it’s important to choose people and systems that actually have an ability to help. As a leader who helps world class organizations and athletes make these choices (across the spectrum of performance) it is critical that you find talent with knowledge and the ability to get simple points across in powerful ways. You don’t sustain the relationships we have without presentation and substantive skills.

Trevor Moawad
President, Moawad Consulting Group

What Our Clients Are Saying...

jimbo_trevorWe’re going to recruit talent, but 95 percent of what we’ve got to work on is from the neck up…We are going to put as big of an emphasis on mental conditioning as we do physical in our program because you don’t need to be sick to get better. Our belief and desire is to get our players to feel better about themselves and what they can accomplish. Empowered, confident athletes are winners. The thing I love about Trevor is he’s been around it his whole life. It’s not something he learned… He has a unique way of connecting with athletes… His father was so big in it, and he’s been an athlete himself. So understanding how an athlete thinks is a great insight into how to push those buttons.”

—Jimbo Fisher, Florida State University, 2010-2017


“Trevor has been with us from the beginning and does a great job helping to support our personal development program.”

-Nick Saban
University of Alabama (2007-2016)


“Trevor continues to be a difference maker in my success and my career.”

-Russell Wilson
Seattle Seahawks

alex smith

“It’s in his blood, that’s why he’s such a good mental conditioning coach. He’s so dedicated he loves what he does which makes him so good at it.”

-Alex Smith
Washington Redskins

Jozy Altidore 2014

“I think that the mental piece of performance is something I underestimated until I learned that you could actually train it. It’s a big aspect of performing at the highest level and working with Trevor to build that foundation has been important. What he does is second to none. Having that thought process – to learn how to think positive in order to learn how to believe in yourself so you can be successful. I think athletes can under estimate it until they get to the higher levels and understand how important your mind is to being at the top.”

— Josmer Altidore
US Men’s National Soccer Team

Michael Johnson Gold

“I have had the pleasure of working with Trevor for the past 12 years and if gold medals were awarded for commitment, honesty and integrity, Trevor would certainly be a triple gold medalist. His tireless dedication to the athletes he works with is without equal. I have learned from Trevor and I depend on him for valuable advice in my own work.”

—Michael Johnson
4-Time Olympic Gold Medalist,
Michael Johnson Performance, President


There are many disciples of Bob Moawad who are out spreading the word, and through Trevor’s position here, the numbers just keep growing. “It’s in his blood,” said 49ers quarterback Alex Smith. “That’s why he’s such a good (mental) conditioning coach. The guy knows everything about personality. He knows about attitude and positive thinking. The guy is so positive and so dedicated. That’s the biggest thing. You can tell he loves what he does, which makes him so good at it.”

—Fox Sports, 2010


“You get individuals who may not be able to remember everything, but they can remember words to a particular song, and that’s powerful. The message really clicks in and helps that person think the right way to perform the right way. That takes great expertise. The work we’ve done for many years with Trevor has been very impressive. They’ve really helped the players focus on what’s important.”

—Michael Ryan
Head Athletic Trainer, Jacksonville Jaguars


“Trevor worked with both staff and players to refine our culture and create pathways to winning which are still in place over a decade later. Trevor’s investment in the development of the total person has endeared him to a legion of Championship Soccer players and staff members at Texas A&M University.”

-Phil Stephenson
Texas A&M University


“Thank you for helping us with Instructor Development, Trevor. You have a great deal of experience in developing coaches and athletes, and I’d like to have you continue to help us develop our instructors and students.  I’ve been thinking of your presentation this weekend and how some of the great coaches you work with lead.  It was remarkable.”

-Commanding Officer
Special Operations Forces


“Moawad’s personal brand of mental conditioning requires athletes to ignore all distraction and focus solely on the goal and how to achieve it. Trevor’s teaching transcends the sports arena and ultimately aims to make his athletes better people on and off the field of play. As their personal lives improve, so does their athletic performance. Trevor calls himself a coach and he works with athletes, but his real goal is to make players better people who have the tools to succeed in life, long after their playing days are behind them.”

—The Tribune (WA)

Head Athletic Trainer, Jacksonville Jaguars

“He is a coach, but not in the traditional sense. As Sal Sunseri supervises the Tide’s linebackers, Moawad supervises the Tide’s mental fitness. Since coach Nick Saban came to Tuscaloosa in 2007, Moawad has coordinated Alabama’s between-the-ears conditioning. Moawad is quick to say he isn’t a sports psychologist. He prefers to be known as a coach. After a brief career in pro soccer, Moawad worked as a high school teacher and coach in south Florida. Then he attended a mental conditioning workshop at a sports academy. Shortly after, he took an internship and worked there for 12 years. Moawad gets his penchant for motivation honestly. His late father, Bob, was a nationally renowned motivational speaker who focused on self esteem. The elder Moawad even contributed one of the stories to the original version of Chicken Soup for the Soul.”

—Sports Illustrated, 2011


Moawad’s expertise does not just apply to the sports world. On the day I spoke to him, he was in the midst of a consultation with Teva Generics, the largest generic manufacturer in the world. “Whether it’s leading by influence, changing behaviors, motivating within or the proper preparation techniques, Trevor’s mental conditioning applies directly to what we do every day,” notes Todd Jones, who has 76 direct reports as the company’s Area Sales Director for the southeast.

I asked Jones if he could provide at least one measurable result that working with Moawad had brought about. “We asked Trevor to attend our Southeast Area Sales Meeting in September last year with the focus of ‘Finishing Strong for Q4,’” Jones explained. “With eight regional sales managers and 68 sales representatives in attendance, it was imperative that we had everyone focused on the deliverable of a strong finish for 2013.”

At the meeting Moawad provided Jones’ eight teams with a motivational talk, a blueprint for overachievement, and some practical tools. The results? Six out of the eight teams finished in Teva’s top 12 (out of 29 national sales teams in all). This allowed Jones’ entire team (the southeast region) to finish the year as the company’s top regional unit.

—INC Magazine

“Trevor does great work with a ton of different athletes. I’ve seen first hand the result of his work. To borrow one of his favorite phrases, he’s legit.”

—Rece Davis