Like Athletes and Teams, Organizations are defined in the present, not the past. The constant is continuous change. Innovation and product advancement guarantee that managing change effectively will continue to be a prerequisite of personal and organizational success.

The right outcomes depend not only on employees mastering physical and technical skills, but on the ability to change entrenched behaviors that limit success. Successful teams are increasingly aware that they must capitalize on human effectiveness – they must improve human performance both physically and mentally.

We provide Senior Executives and their ‘teams’ battle tested methods that develop, advance, and facilitate a broader understanding of an elite mindset so that both leaders and their staffs can succeed on an on-going basis.


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Corporate Team programs focus on:

  • Developing high personal expectations
  • Identifying and applying elite habit patterns
  • Building leadership skills
  • Overcoming external distractions
  • Improved sleep strategies
  • Transitioning to new leadership positions
  • Managing, not dwelling on, criticism
  • Work and personal life balance
  • Embracing quarterly pressures

These strategies are taught through individual and group sessions, featuring activities, exercises and multimedia presentations to best engage athletes.


Senior Executive programs focus on:

  • Team, staff and employee messages
  • Continued development of leadership skills
  • Managing personal and corporate expectations
  • Overcoming external distractions
  • Improved sleep strategies
  • Integrating support resources
  • Developing internal leaders and leadership groups
  • Continued professional development

These strategies are taught through individual and group sessions, focusing on the strategies best suited for each coaches professional and personal needs.



The simple truth is that the right attitudes provide a clear competitive advantage to organizations both in and out of the workplace. Life does not stop for work so building sustainable skill-sets that allow you to be at your best in both areas are critical.

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