NFL Combine/Pro Day Support


Our goal at MCG is to provide battle tested tools and strategies that help provide the individual athlete the best opportunity to succeed each day in Indianapolis, IN. We offer a variety of programs tailored to your prospects needs.

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Topics include “You Get What You Expect”, “The Illusion of Choice”, “Adapting to Generation Y”, “Nothing Happens by Accident”, “Who We are isn’t as important as Who We Think We Are”, and more.

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Corporate Support


The simple truth is that the right attitudes provide a clear competitive advantage to organizations both in and out of the workplace. Life does not stop for work so building sustainable skill-sets that allow you to be at your best in both areas are critical.

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Team Support


Our program for professional and college teams focuses specifically on providing proven methods to develop, advance, and maintain the proper mindset so that players and coaches may succeed every day, every practice and every game.

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Agency Support


Working for and within the sports and entertainment industries for nearly 16 years, we inherently understand the importance of giving someone you are committed to supporting the best chance to succeed.

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Individual Support


We’ve supported active NFL, NBA, NCAA, Entertainment, MLS, and MLB players and teams extensively, helping to guide and shape elite prospects as they prepare for the draft or off-seasons of these respective sports or industries.

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SOF Support


With the development of innovative and unique programs like THOR3 (Tactical Human Optimization, Rapid Rehabilitation and Reconditioning) and POTFF (Preservation of the Force and Family), the special operations community has taken positive steps into the human performance world.

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Everything is interconnected.

“Everything is interconnected. All elements of performance. From your internal confidence to the external humidity. It has nothing to do with whether WE believe it or not – it just is. I don’t need to be fluent in physics to be impacted by gravity. The question is ‘how are you addressing these various areas in your life? In your career? In your relationships?’ The truth is our choices are limited if we have high expectations. The path is the path. It takes what it takes.”

—Trevor Moawad

Moawad Consulting Group,




“He is a coach, but not in the traditional sense. As Sal Sunseri supervises the Tide’s linebackers, Moawad supervises the Tide’s mental fitness. Since coach Nick Saban came to Tuscaloosa in 2007, Moawad has coordinated Alabama’s between-the-ears conditioning. Moawad is quick to say he isn’t a sports psychologist. He prefers to be known as a coach. After a brief career in pro soccer, Moawad worked as a high school teacher and coach in south Florida. Then he attended a mental conditioning workshop at a sports academy. Shortly after, he took an internship and worked there for 12 years. Moawad gets his penchant for motivation honestly. His late father, Bob, was a nationally renowned motivational speaker who focused on self esteem. The elder Moawad even contributed one of the stories to the original version of Chicken Soup for the Soul.”

—Sports Illustrated, 2011


We’re going to recruit talent, but 95 percent of what we’ve got to work on is from the neck up…We are going to put as big of an emphasis on mental conditioning as we do physical in our program because you don’t need to be sick to get better. Our belief and desire is to get our players to feel better about themselves and what they can accomplish. Empowered, confident athletes are winners. The thing I love about Trevor is he’s been around it his whole life. It’s not something he learned… He has a unique way of connecting with athletes… His father was so big in it, and he’s been an athlete himself. So understanding how an athlete thinks is a great insight into how to push those buttons.”

—Jimbo Fisher
Florida State University


Media Inquiries

Trevor Moawad has appeared on numerous TV, Radio, Print and Web outlets as an expert in the broader areas of performance training, mental conditioning, sport psychology, the NFL Pre-Draft Process, the NFL Off-Season, the NBA, Major League Soccer, and Major League Baseball.

Moawad has appeared on a variety of programs including ESPN Sportcenter, Sports Illustrated, CNN-SI, NPR, NFL Radio, NBC-Seattle, NFL Network, Fox Sports, ESPN AZ/Seattle, and NPR.

For more information on how to involve Trevor Moawad on the Moawad Consulting Group on your program please contact Jon at or 480-712-4988.


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