“Pressure is no issue for Roberto, no issue at all,” said Trevor Moawad, who leads the Moawad Consulting Group and has worked as a mental conditioning coach at top collegiate progams including Florida State and Alabama, and dozens of top NCAA prospects in preparation for the NFL Draft. “If he misses, it’s a technical issue, not a psychological issue.” Moawad worked with Aguayo for four years in Tallahassee, and he has examples of pressure kicks—he cited a 41-yarder in the third quarter of the 2013 national title game that drew the Seminoles to within a score in a comeback win; and a fourth-quarter 53-yarder against Miami the following October that set the stage for a come-from-behind victory. But to Moawad, the results simply confirm what’s apparent in the kid—a unique mentality for a player at his position, which helped him follow Graham Gano and Dustin Hopkins at FSU. “It’s very rare that you can talk to a kicker like a normal person during a game, and that you can work with them in games to identify issues and then plan for your next one,” Moawad explained. “If we missed something early in a game, he’d come off and go to his coaches and myself and the punter, and we would go through it, and fix it, and it wouldn’t be a problem anymore.” So yes, Moawad is confident that Aguayo will get this corrected. The two have talked a couple times over the past few weeks, but those conversations have centered on Aguayo’s little brother, Ricky, an FSU freshman who just won the job of replacing his sibling. And a few years ago, Moawad connected Aguayo with Martin Gramatica, to help him handle the pressure of being a Groza Award winner, which gave the kicker another resource for situations like this. But if what Moawad has seen is an indicator, Aguayo may not need a whole lot of help….

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