Nothing happens by accident. Sustained excellence in any field is both purposeful and deliberate.

With the development of innovative and unique programs like THOR3 (Tactical Human Optimization, Rapid Rehabilitation and Reconditioning) and POTFF (Preservation of the Force and Family), the special operations community has taken positive steps into the human performance world. These initiatives have identified ‘humans to be more important than hardware’ and they’ve collaborated with many of the top sports organizations to mutually discuss the on-going development of both athletes and operators.

It’s been a privilege to be a part of some of these discussions and continue to look at the psychological education we administer to both college and professional athletes and how some of these performance principles can also support the special operations community.

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Helping Operators

  • Manage, not dwell on, mistakes
  • Mentally overcome fatigue
  • Mentally overcome the heat
  • Becoming more aware of how to improve self-talk
  • Developing strategies to become less distracted by external circumstances (success of other operators, instructor criticism/praise, poor performances)
  • Developing better and more effective ways to sleep at night
  • Developing better and more effective ways to sleep before training exercises
  • Analyzing what makes other people successful from other arenas and applying their philosophies
  • Transitioning from units
  • Building the confidence to challenge your peers
  • Balancing personal life
  • Being responsible for your performance, but not becoming your performance
  • Staying positive under difficult circumstances (poor performance – team/individual)
  • Better / smarter communication with peers and emotional control
  • Overcoming the self-fulfilling prophecies (‘we keep making that one big mistake’)
  • Changing performance by changing the thought process

Helping Leaders

  • Plan and prepare messaging
  • Maintain continued growth educationally, personally and professionally
  • Effective integration of human performance resources
  • Identifying and developing internal leadership groups
  • Manage continued and growing pressures both internally and externally
  • Continued education and innovation on new and effective training platforms
  • Continue to improve and develop players who struggle to respond to coaching
  • Identifying and assessing learning styles and modifying coaching styles if/where needed


Pictured to the right: MacDill Air Force Base, Florida. Collaboration amongst the top organizations has been valuable to all parties involved.

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