Teams are defined in the present, not the past. No matter who you are or what you’ve accomplished, rapid advances in training, nutrition, and game strategy are quickly and continually leveling the playing field.

Sustained success depends not only on athletes mastering physical and technical skills, but on the ability to change entrenched behaviors that limit success. Successful teams build programs and they are increasingly aware that they must capitalize on human effectiveness – they must improve human performance both physically and mentally. For most teams, one of the last undeveloped areas of preparation focuses on the mindset, approach and/or mental conditioning of players and coaches.

Our program for professional and college teams focuses specifically on providing proven methods to develop, advance, and maintain the proper mindset so that players and coaches may succeed every day, every practice and every game.

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Athlete specific programs focus on:

  • Developing high personal expectations
  • Identifying and applying elite habit patterns
  • Building leadership skills
  • Overcoming external distractions
  • Improved sleep strategies
  • Transitioning to new leadership positions
  • Managing, not dwelling on, criticism
  • Overcoming the Bystander Effect
  • Work and personal life balance
  • Embracing quarterly pressures

These strategies are taught through individual and group sessions, featuring activities, exercises and multimedia presentations to best engage athletes.

Coach specific programs focus on:

  • Team, staff and employee messages
  • Continued development of leadership skills
  • Managing personal and corporate expectations
  • Overcoming external distractions
  • Improved sleep strategies
  • Integrating support resources
  • Developing internal leaders and leadership groups
  • Continued professional development

Changing behavior can be more difficult than learning new technical skills. The Moawad Consulting Group’s goal is to provide tools and strategies that emphasize personal growth, responsibility and adaptability. Enhancing your team through investing in people improves productivity and leads to greater success.

We implement our program with players and coaches across through a four-step process:

  • Observing behaviors and interactions
  • Interacting with individuals and groups
  • Educating on best practices
  • Applying new strategies

In college and professional sports we integrate our program throughout the cadence of their respective seasons.

Phase 1:

Integrated Support during Summer or OTA/Player-Led Training 

Mental conditioning sessions can be integrated weekly along with your or sport-specific off-season strength and conditioning, movement, 7-on-7 or micro-game based programs to build the foundation of a successful mindset.

Phase 2:

In-season support

Weekly or game specific mindset sessions with coaching staff and players, both directly and indirectly, and focused on particular needs along with on-field support for specified practices and games.

Phase 3:

Spring/Off-Season Maintenance Program 

Post-season plan created based upon prior season’s processes and outcomes. Support includes on-site and distance coaching to build upon previous success and outline future goals.

Program includes team specific manual and leadership guide.

In other sports we customize our approach to the specific events or goals of their respective teams, clubs or federations.

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