The Moawad Consulting Group is a dynamic organization committed to delivering advanced mindset solutions to the driven leader(s) in the world’s most competitive environments. We have one focus for our clients: continuous improvement.

We have proven an elite capability to motivate the motivated, and serve this country’s elite professional, collegiate, military and top business organizations with the end goals of enhancing and improving present performance.

We have been on the sideline for 5 of the last 7 Bowl Championship Series and College Football Playoff matchups and have served this country’s top programs for the last 15+ years. Our engagements have been long-standing mutual commitments built upon added value and the ability to support and solve problems for Tier 1 organizations.

Built upon many key principles of the late Bob Moawad, we believe that both individual and organizational ‘mentality’ predicts its sustainability, and that ‘mentality’ is an area that can consistently be modified and challenged to both do and be more.



Our development model has been battle tested in sports’ biggest moments, great ones and challenging ones. We help manage some of this country’s biggest brands, federations and businesses. We continue to support many of the world’s top athletes, young and old, as they navigate the realities of the ‘business of sports’ – where you are defined in the present every moment, every play and every day.

Pictured to the left: Professional Development – Alabama’s Nick Saban visits Yankees. The exchange was coordinated by Alabama’s mental conditioning coach, Trevor Moawad and the Yankees Director of Mental Conditioning, Chad Bohling.


The Moawad Consulting Group is managed by Trevor Moawad, a 17 year veteran of the sports business and mental conditioning fields.  Moawad has a Masters Degree in Education (Social Sciences) from Occidental College and has been consistently recognized both nationally and internationally as an industry leader in the mindset arena.

Pictured to the right: Mental conditioning coach, Trevor Moawad, shows Alabama Running Back Trent Richardson an image of himself after scoring the game clinching touchdown in the 2011 National Championship. ‘I had shown him the mirror before the game reminding him to hold himself accountable for his performance,’ said Moawad.