Why ‘Mental Conditioning or Mindset’ and not ‘Sport Psychology’?

In the field of applied sport psychology there is a lot of confusion and inconsistency in how people represent themselves, from their title and services, but also their background and training. This statement is intended to help you understand our services and our areas of expertise and to demystify some of the issues that can be confusing. All of our consultants have graduate school training in applied sport psychology, but it’s important to emphasize that we are not psychologists. What’s the difference you might ask?

In the United States, the term ‘psychology’ is protected by law and refers to the licensed practice of psychology that in working with athletes largely refers to mental health counseling or clinical psychology. Professionals trained in this field have extensive academic and supervised experience working with people dealing with mental health problems such as depression, eating disorders, anxiety disorders and attention deficit disorders.

Many of the best ‘Sport Psychologists’ in the world are not in fact psychologists. These professionals, like Bob Rotella, Ken Ravizza and Terry Orlick were trained with Doctoral or Master’s degrees through sport science and education programs. This is why many will refer to themselves as ‘Mental Coaches’,‘Performance or Mental Conditioning Consultants’, etc. It’s important that you understand the difference and that even though a mental coach might not be a psychologist, they may have the expertise and training to help an athlete perform at a higher level. Both areas are valid; the key is whether or not the consultant is right for you.

We have chosen to use term Mindset as we feel the foundations developed through your mind will help you prepare for whatever endeavor you may pursue. Mindset is not limited to sport experience, but it also includes our work with many successful businesses, the US Military, and anybody looking to improve themselves in the field of life.


What is Mental Conditioning or Mindset?

Our Mental Conditioning and Mindset programs are focused on the instruction and training of “mental skills” for performance improvement. A common theory is that one does not have to wait to have a problem in order to get better. One of the keys to mental conditioning is in the habits and routines we create. By developing better habits they will be able to accomplish more in their “field of play” whether it is sport, business, or life. The principles developed are the same as physical training; one cannot lifts weights once and expect to get stronger and the same holds true mentally. You cannot assume that if they only see a consultant sparingly and work on their mental game every so often that they will have what it takes when the pressure is on. This is typically the difference between a good athlete and a champion. Champions understand the need and importance of their mindset, as it is vital in becoming a complete athlete. The same can be said in business and in the military.

Successful businesses often employ mental consultants to help with performance, individual morale, and team synergy within their company. They understand that if their employees aren’t happy, their production levels will be lower, which in turn will cost their company lots of money.

The United States Military has a resilience based training program to help soldiers develop the mental fortitude so that when their country needs them, they are able to respond in a clear and concise manner. One of the reasons why the US Special Forces are successful is because of the focus on the strategic and mental preparation needed within their missions. This is not something done overnight but a concept derived over years and years of training physically and mentally. When one focuses on the day to day processes of what they need to do to improve, their goals and expectations become clear and the outcome tends to become much more realistic.

The Moawad Consulting Group has developed their framework based on years of experience working in concert with Professional and Collegiate athletes, Fortune 500 executives, and Elite Military units. While each is very unique, one principle holds true: the mental preparation developed in life experience and training will help you succeed when you need it most. How much time have you spent making sure your mind is right so that you can make the correct decision? The Best in the world have made the decision to improve their mind, so why not you?

The Moawad Consulting Group does not diagnose or treat clinical disorders, however these issues sometimes come up and in these situations we refer our clients to appropriate psychologists or psychiatrists for expert treatment. Our focus is on educating our clients to maximize their mental performance in their “field of play”.